We have tested vacuum packing, squishing masks into bags and machine washing on our personal suits with no resulting damage. We’re confident yours will be fine too!

We favor stuffing over foam in all our construction (except masks) for ease of cleaning. Simply remove any removable padding and wash the parts in the washing machine with cold water and a delicate cycle. If not using a front-loading machine, we recommend putting pieces like feet and hands into a laundry bag or pillowcase to protect them, and turning your bodysuit inside out.

Disinfect masks with a 75% water, 25% rubbing alcohol mixture, and spot-clean with Woolite or an equivalent. Heads should only be machine washed as a last resort, and only in a front-loading machine, cold water and a delicate cycle. Never put a head in a machine with an agitator!

To dry your parts, simply hang them in a well-ventilated room after the majority of water has been wrung out in your machine’s spin cycle. Flip over feet and any other parts that are difficult to hang every few hours. Pointing a fan at your costume helps, but is not essential. Your costume should be dry in a day or so, depending on the ventilation and temperature. Never put your costume in the dryer! The heat of a dryer will destroy your costume.

Brush your costume as it dries, and after every use. Ideally, use a slicker brush – these can be found at Walmart in the pets section, or any pet store for under $10.